Hidden Paradise within Cyclades

Hidden Paradise within Cyclades

You have most likely read many articles about the Greek Islands and the Cyclades, most of them focused on Mykonos and Santorini. Therefore we have decided to show you some secret gems of the Cyclades, different from the touristy and popular “Instagram” islands. Greece is beautiful due to the country’s diversity, there are more than 2.000 islands to visit and still only very few are popular.

Having said the above its easy to understand that Greece can offer a lot of options depending your personality and your idea of spending the perfect holiday. Needless to say that given the amount of islands, the best way to explore the country is by sea & thus with a yacht.

Greek islands can offer a wide range of experiences even to the most demanding of the guests. Which other place offers such a vibrant, popular, cosmopolitan island like Mykonos and after 30 min of sailing, the total privacy, an island for you & your friends away from the spotlight. What place can offer such a vibrant, popular, cosmopolitan experience like that of Mykonos island, and then with 30 minutes’ worth of sailing be able to enjoy the total privacy of a remote island for you and your friends, away from any spotlight?

Food is great too, fresh & cheap if you know where to look for it. In those little islands there are a lot of semi-professional fishermen or even amateur fun fishermen who will provide the best options to get what you want in very reasonable prices. Getting a fish on your table which was speared a couple of hours ago is priceless. How much would you pay for this?

Privacy is a valuable commodity and it is at hand here in Greece. Nowadays with so many potential and wanna be reporters its easy to see your photo online without even realizing how. In Greece we are still lucky to have a large number of hidden beaches of unprecedented beauty, accessible only by the sea and which are almost private for the visitor. The smaller islands provide this precious intimacy to those who need it in life.

Some other brief examples could be as extreme as Rock Climbing, if you are a fan of such sport then you must visit Kalymnos, it’s a unique destination for Rock Climbing covering from beginner athletes to advanced climbers.

Do you want to see a real underwater city built in 5,000 BC ? Its only 3-4 meters deep and you can snorkel everywhere in it, getting a feeling that you walk in that ancient city.

There are so many examples and stories to disclose that would take forever. Bottom line is that Greece has endless potential to embrace your interests and take it to another level.

Greece is your favorite place regardless if you have already visited or you will in the future!