Cruising along the many gulfs and bays of Turkey’s waters is idyllic. It is also a journey back in time, with a plethora of archaeological sites, castles and temples of other civilizations settled in this area prior to the Ottoman Empire.  Especially the south-west coast – roughly speaking the stretch of coastline from Izmir via Kusadaşi, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye and Kaş to Antalya – is an ideal cruising ground.

Turkish charters are famous for the “Gullets” among other yachts. Gullet yachts are built to center life on deck during a yacht charter. Spacious decks and housing a large aft for dining and lounging area are their main features. The number of guests a Gullet yacht carries depends on the yacht’s size, though most of them accommodate between eight to sixteen people. These yachts offer their guests separate accommodations with en-suite facilities. Modern Gulet Yachts are comfortably equipped with all of the amenities that you would feel at home and encourage an environment in which you are expected to do nothing but enjoy yourself. On a yacht charter, you have the chance, unlike large cruise ship, to explore the secluded and often deserted bays and coves of the coastline that Turkey has to offer.

Endless natural beauty and history enjoyed whilst cruising under Mediterranean sun. With such variety, calm winds and turquoise waters, the coastline of Turkey is perfect for an unforgettable yacht charter holiday.