While you bask in the comfort of your luxury yacht charter in Greece, you will have the unique opportunity to experience a holiday with wondrous variety and diversity, not only in style and sights and entertainment, but also in setting and beauty: Greece has got the 9th longest coastline in the world after the United States of America- which means that when private sailing in Greece, around and past the Greek islands and along that vast coastline, you will be guaranteed to enjoy hundreds of interest points with a huge diversity from metropolitan cityscapes to picturesque villages perched on rolling green hills or overlooking sharp crags and canyons.

  You also have the opportunity and option of securely, under EU maritime protection and security, sailing to other Mediterranean countries, such as Italy, anything that suits your fancy! You will need to worry about nothing except your own enjoyment and fun!

  A luxury yacht charter in Greece is an all-encompassing package for a multi-faceted holiday: within Greece’s long and rich tradition, culture and heritage, her lush and varied landscapes, citiscapes and vistas, her top-notch tourism industry and support you will manage to be cosmopolitan and scholarly; swashbuckling and relaxed; an explorer and a connoisseur- but above all, you’ll be able to create a unique experience that you and your family will forever cherish, away from the cons of mass tourism but still partaking to all the pros.