Luxury Yacht Charter in Ionian islands, Greece

The Ionian Islands, also known as “the Seven Islands” are a group of seven main islands and several smaller lying in the Ionian Sea, on the western side of Greece. It is an ideal place for yacht charter vacation and relaxation, the scenery is completely different from the Cyclades, covered by pine forests and olive groves, [...]

Luxury Yacht Charter in Sporades islands, Greece

Discover the Sporades islands, in the northwest Aegean! Dense vegetation; rocky landscapes, and pure blue seas: a uniquely alternative destination. Ideal for Yacht Lovers, go island-hopping in a paradise island complex! Trace Skiathos walking routes, and discover its hidden beauties. With your mind and eye follow the footsteps of great writers, such as Alexander Papadiamantis, as they [...]

Food & Beverages in Greece

Although many visitors get by on moussaka or kalamari almost every night, there is a huge range to Greek cuisine, its wonderful mezes, seafood and juicy olives, are among local dishes you must try. The atmosphere is always relaxed and drinking is traditionally meant to accompany food, though a range of bars and clubs exists. [...]

Why Yacht Charter

Yacht Charter offers by far the best luxury vacation in terms of privacy, exclusivity & service. Wake up every morning in different idyllic locations while your personal chef specially made your breakfast according to your desires. A Luxury charter offers the feeling of Freedom in great scale as you only have to fulfill your own [...]

Hidden Paradise within Cyclades

You have most likely read many articles about the Greek Islands and the Cyclades, most of them focused on Mykonos and Santorini. Therefore we have decided to show you some secret gems of the Cyclades, different from the touristy and popular “Instagram” islands. Greece is beautiful due to the country’s diversity, there are more than [...]

Luxury Yacht Charter in Cyclades islands, Greece

Cyclades is the most famous cluster of the Greek islands. Some of the prettiest islands in the world are in this complex. The famous Santorini is a world natural wonder of remarkable beauty and unique architecture. It is essentially the remains of a volcanic eruption in 16th Century BC which destroyed the island and created [...]