Greece has been a destination for thousands of years whether you are interested in history, philosophy or culture, this Mythological country will exceed your expectations. Many of the greatest people of all time like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, have been wondered in the same footsteps as you are going to.
Temples devoted to mythological Gods & Goddesses such as Athens, Poseidon, Apollo are strategically placed everywhere in the mainland and the Greek islands. Like very few countries in the world, Greece smoothly network Ancient to Modern time.
A variety of approximately 6,000 islands rank Greece as a top destination for yacht charters. Cruise yourself between a tiny inhabited island, untouched from civilization & human culture, to the most luxurious place worldwide, in no time.
The Greek Islands traditionally grouped in: Argo- Saronic complex, Cyclades, Ionian islands, Dodecanese, Sporades and some loose collection in between.
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